Claim Research & Validation

Today, in Cosmetics Industry, the Claims became one of the most important sector, especially commercially speaking. Due to the particular impact that Claims can have for the final Customers, those have been strictly regulated firstly by the Cosmetics Regulation (EC) No 1223/2009, but also with several additional interventions of the EU legislator, like the Commission Regulation (EC) 655/2013 or the introduction of Guidance and Technical Documents.

That makes todays Claims Regulatory scenario quite interesting and intricated. The manufacturers have to pay particular attention and try to balance their Commercial inspirations with the EU dictates.

Obelis has of course the necessary experience to easily understand what can be accepted or not. As part of the CPNP notification service, our consultants have to daily deal with Claims, during the Labelling review prior the CPNP notification on the Portal. This is helping manufacturers to clean any possible issue regarding the Claims, substantiating those sometimes with the Assessors and the RP’s comments/approvals, or sometimes with specific Lab tests (when required by the Law).

Apart from this, Obelis also provides a service dedicated to the Research and the eventual possible Validation of a specific Claim. This can be the case of a Claim to be assessed even before starting any CPNP notification process, or the case of a specific innovative or borderline claim. In those particular cases, Obelis will be more than pleased to provide you with the best EU Cosmetics experts in Labelling and Claims, and help you to improve your Claims Marketing Effect, fully complying with the Law. Do not hesitate to contact us!

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