Obelis “Success Story” in the Belgian Cosmetics Catalogue!

Obelis has been listed in the official Belgian Cosmetics Catalogue 2016! The catalogue, published in September 2016 by the Belgian Federal Agency for Exportations, presents the most up-to-date insig [...]

3 Leading Factors That Can Expedite Sales to Europe

The EU Cosmetic Regulation EC 1223/2009, published in the official journal of the European Union on November 30th  2009 and introduced on July 11th 2013, requires all cosmetic products to apply a sp [...]

Obelis to organize the First International Congress on Cosmetics Regulations!

Obelis, together with BioEvents, is organizing the first edition of International Congress on European Regulations and Compliance for Cosmetic (CRCC 2016). The congress will take place between 7th a [...]

Revision of SCCS Guidance on the Safety of Cosmetics – What has Changed?

Notes of guidance: The latest edition of the “Notes of guidance for testing of Cosmetic Ingredients and their Safety Assessment” has been issued and closed for comments following the deadline o [...]

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