Evidence of Good Manufacturing Practice

Evidence on Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) is one of the essential requirements of the EU Cosmetic Regulation in Europe (EC 1223/2009) in light of product placement onto the European market. The GMP is only in reference to the entity which actually produces the product (the Producer). However, any entity placing cosmetic products onto the EU market under its name is required to have evidence of GMP (in reference to its Producers) as part of their Product Information File (PIF).

The producer may show evidence of GMP by obtaining a third-party certificate in reference to an on-site audit or they may issue a signed declaration which states they meet the criteria for Good Manufacturing Practices. One specific way to ensure the producer provides sufficient evidence is through the ISO 22716 standard which was adopted as a CEN standard (a European Standard). European regulation directs that the CEN/ISO Norm 22716 serves as presumption of conformity towards GMP.

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