Labelling Review

Setting high standards for the labelling of cosmetic products (including their container, outer packaging and inserts) is a focal point of Regulation (EC) No. 1223/2009 (Cosmetics’ Regulation), with an entire Article (Art.19) dedicated to the requirements for accurate and appropriate labelling.

Ensuring compliance with these labelling requirements is therefore an essential step that must be taken by every manufacturer on their path to notifying and commercialising their product in the European Union (EU) market. For a more detailed list of the EU Regulation’s labelling requirements, please click here.

While Art. 19 sets the regulatory requirements for a compliant label, the substantive content of the label must reflect the Product’s Information File (PIF). Consequently, the label review is performed following the compilation and assessment of the PIF and is thus the last step of the service leading to the notification of your products. Moreover, a product is formally notified only after the required mandatory information has been uploaded to the Cosmetic Product Notification Portal (CPNP). Uploading a compliant label to the CPNP is part of this mandatory information and therefore a pre-requisite for a valid notification.

To ensure that your labels are fully compliant in these respects, Obelis, offers a multifaceted and adaptable label review service that can be tailored to your commercial needs. As part of the label review service, Obelis consultants will ensure:

  • that your product’s labels include all the essential elements foreseen by Article 19 of the Cosmetics Regulation
  • that the information on the label is in accordance with your product’s PIF and its resultant Safety Assessment
  • that you get commercial-minded and solution-oriented input that can minimise the costs of designing and printing product packaging


Apart from being packaged into our Cosmetic Notification Service, you can also make use of our stand-alone labelling review service. As part of this service, our labelling experts can review your updated labels for previously notified products, upload new labels to the CPNP, perform retrospective checks of your old labels or perform any other label-related review that you may request independently of a full notification service.

Like with all services offered by Obelis, you can choose amongst different service packages based on your commercial needs and the urgency of your request. For more information on our service packages, their specific features and applicable time-frames, please contact our Customer Relations department here.

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