Sanitary Certificates

Since the Cosmetics Regulation (EC) No 1223/2009 entered in force, applying for a CPNP Notification is the only requirement for freely market Cosmetic Products in all EU member States (with the sole exception of language requirements). As a Regulation, the Law is fully applicable in the entire Union and does not leave space to National Executive Acts.

A different situation emerges when importing products directly in Italy, Spain and Portugal. Also in those countries, the Cosmetic safety is guaranteed by the CPNP, but he National Laws introduced a requirement related to the sanity of the goods shipped. Briefly, whenever Cosmetics product are in imported in Europe by using one of those three members states as first international point of arrival, a particular customs clearance tool has to be requested: the Sanitary Certificate.

  1. Italy: the certificate is called Nulla Osta Sanitario, and has to be requested by the importer or the European Representative, by applying on the Ministry of Health electronical database. The application concerns commodity shipments and implies the payment of an Official TAX, calculated on the shipments weight.
  2. Portugal: the Documento de Conformidade can be requested by the importer or the European Representative, by submitting an Official Form, containing several info about the products, to the Portuguese Ministry of Health.
  3. Spain: the Declaración responsable de actividades de importación de productos cosméticos can be requested only by the Spanish Importer, has having a registered address in Spain is a mandatory requirement for this process applicants.

Also in this case, the applicant will have to fill in official forms and a declaration, to be submitted to the Spanish Ministry of Health. A TAX can be imposed depending on the products type.

Would you like to have more information about those processes, feel free to contact Obelis Experts, that will gladly share their expertise in EU National Sanitary requirements. Additionally, for Portugal and Italy, Obelis can apply directly for you and your importer. Should you need it, do not hesitate to contact us!

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