Selling Cosmetics in Portugal

Non-EU Manufacturers and their EU importers have to meet specific requirements to sell Cosmetic Products in Portugal in the context of Market Surveillance activities at Customs.

What are the requirements?

Before shipping, a Document of Conformity must be requested to INFARMED, I.P. – the Portuguese Competent Authority for Cosmetic Products in Portugal.

All the Cosmetic Products have to have been previously notified to the European Commission´s CPNP portal before the process can start. This means having a complete and compliant Product Information File including a Safety Assessment.

The Document of Conformity is mandatory for Customs clearance of the products. Documents not required in other EU countries need to be presented to INFARMED, I.P. in order to meet the national legal requirements.

Among these are the Certificates of Analysis per product/batch to be imported with the determination of the concentration of restricted substances and the Manufacturer´s License issued by the Authority of the country of origin.

The labels need to have the intended use and precautions in the Portuguese language both on the inside as well as the outside packaging.

Obelis can assist cosmetic Manufacturers in enabling a smooth introduction of their products on the Portuguese market. Cosmetics manufacturers and their Responsible Person should work together to achieve this goal. Should you have any questions regarding the matter or wish to enquire about our services, please do not hesitate to contact us – our team of experts with more than 30 years of experience in EU Regulations will gladly assist you!

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