Acceptance Criteria

The samples are evaluated against the standard sample (must remain unchanged during the whole life cycle of the product) and with products that are considered as ‘’references’’ submitted to the same test conditions. Generally limits of acceptance are defined for the evaluated parameters. The interpretation of the data obtained during the Stability Test depends on criteria established in accordance with the formulator’s experience.

Criteria Limits of acceptability
Appearance The product must, maintain its initial appearance under all the conditions except high temperatures, freezer conditions or cycles in which small alterations are acceptable.
Color and odor Must remain stable for at least 15 days when exposed to sunlight. Small alterations are acceptable at high temperatures.
Viscosity The limits of acceptability must be defined by the formulator, considering the visual and sensorial perceptions caused by alterations. The possibility of the consumers also noticing them must be considered.
Compatibility with the primary packaging material The integrity of the package and the formulation must be considered, evaluating the weight, the sealing and the functionality


In cases where the monitoring of the active ingredient percentage is necessary, the quality and performance parameters of the product must be considered.

Other parameters can be established according to the formulator and the products’ specifications.

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